Lawyer - Munteanu Ioana Maria


1986 - 1991 - I attended the courses of the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest and obtained the University degree in law. The last year of studies was a special training in International private law and international commercial affairs. License project: “The Commercial Companies in Germany”

January 1991 - I won a “SORROS” Foundation scholarship of one month at the Institute of Applied Language Studies – Edinborough, Scotland

1981 – 1985 - “Mircea cel Batran” Highschool of Constanta – mathematics and physics profile


September 1991 - I became member of the Constanta Bar Association

1991 – 1992 - Activity at Constanta Courts, as a trainee lawyer, together with the senior lawyer

August 1992 - the beginning of my 2 years activity as a part-time lawyer in COCA-COLA COMPANY (Ozgorkey Group - from Turkey). Legal assistance for the two companies in Constanta and Galati, mainly in the fields of commercial law and company law

Categories of contracts prepared for the Company:
- Rental contracts
- Leasing agreements
- Transportation contracts
- Selling and buying agreements
- Services and commission agreements
- Insurance agreements
- responsible with Memo’s meetings of Board of Directors and the General Assembly
- in charge with the registration of the Addendum to the Contract and Statutes of the Company, containing all the amendments of the Company’s documents decided by the General Assembly meeting

Oct 1992 – Jan 1993 - Established the new Coca-Cola company on shares in Galati; after about 4 months of negotiations with the representatives of the local authorities, achieved entire agreements between the two partners – Coca -Cola and Romanian Local Council

June 1994 - 3 weeks practice in lawyer’s office from Izmir, Turkey

Throughout my cooperation with The Coca-Cola Company I established many contacts with prestigious Romanian and foreign lawyers, along with whom I worked on several projects of the Company.

December 1994 - Became senior lawyer of Romanian Bar Associations, by passing the Bar Exam

February 1st, 1995 - Part - time lawyer for Pepsi Co, Inc. (Quadrant – Amroq Company) - legal assistance in commercial law

April 1995 - May 1995 - Negotiations with the representatives of S.C. Vie Vin Murfatlar for the execution of the join-venture contract for establishing a new Pepsi Cola bottling plant

- Performed an intense activity with the Company’s operative management for the achievement of the above-mentioned project, by setting up the necessary documentation and contracts (enterprise, rental, services with different suppliers, etc.)

January 1996 - Founding member of a Civil Society of Professional Lawyers from civil, commercial and maritime law

Main personal clients: Blue Flag Navigation Ltd. (Cyprus), Tramp Oil & Marine Ltd. (Great Britain), Supreme Distribution Constanta Ltd. - Nova Brasilia, American Bureau of Shipping Constanta Ltd., Britania Ltd., Delta Jupiter Ltd., Caltun Venus Ltd.

From February 1st, 1997 - Established my own legal office

- activity as barrister in courts of Constanta, Bucuresti, Craiova, Timisoara
- extending international activity in commercial and maritime law with clients from many countries, e.g. : Commercial Bank of Greece, Celik-Gunay Ltd, Chemoil Ltd, Yasar Dis Ticaret A.S., Pinar Sut Mamuleri A/S, etc.
- good contacts with lawyers from abroad, e.g.:Sioufas Law Office from Greece, Gokcen Law Office from Turkey, Georgantas & Walters from USA
- legal assistance for several non-profit foundations from USA
- good experience in civil claims regarding private assets

May 1997 - Selected by Mobil Rom (Dialog GSM) for the position of Legal Manager of the Company; I decline the job due to financial matters

October 1st, 1998 - Contacted as expert witness in Romanian legislation by “Georgantas & Walters” Legal Office from Houston, for the federal court of Houston, USA, regarding a maritime case between foreign parties and a Romanian bank. This case involved long hours of work, together with American and foreign colleagues lawyers in the law office from Houston, and was a great experience for everybody and a full success

2000 – 2002 - Activity at Bucharest and Constanta Courts – commercial and maritime law - mainly at Tribunals, Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court

march 2003 – march 2006 - Senior associate at “NESTOR NESTOR DICULESCU KINGSTON PETERSEN”

- Intense activity as barrister in courts of Bucuresti, Constanta, Craiova, Timisoara, Oradea, Ploiesti, Cluj-Napoca
- Extending international activity in civil and commercial law with clients from Romania and abroad, e.g. : ABB Romania SRL, Mobifon SA, BCR, Otto Wolf Germany, Tenaris Group, Termoelectrica SA, Globtel SRL
Throughout my cooperation with “NNDKP” I established many contacts with prestigious Romanian and foreign lawyers, along with whom I worked on several projects of the Clients.

August 2005 - attended a 2 weeks course of study – “International Business Negotiation” on the campus of The University of Michigan

1 May 2006 - Conference in M& A international telecommunication field in Prague

from september 2006 until present - Established SCA "Munteanu Bistrae&Associates"

- activity as barrister in courts of Bucharest, Ploiesti, Constanta, Craiova, Campina, Sinaia, Timisoara
- extending proffesional activity in civil and commercial law with clients from Romaina and abroad, e.g.:Space-Comunication Ltd.Israel, Granaco Hungary, SC Stefanel Romania SRL, Sasch Italy
- good contacts with lawyers from abroad
- legal assistance for several Romanian companies
- good experience in civil and commercial claims regarding private assets, arbitration and insolvency procedures


- strong skill in spoken and written English
- good skill in German language
- attending courses of french language